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Need Smash Repairs or Panel Beating? We Can Help

Having a car accident is always a stressful event. Apart from the physical consequences, sourcing Smash Repairs and Panel Beating can be an expensive, time consuming, and confusing experience.

can help.

This site can help you locate professional Smash Repairs and Panel Beating businesses that are convenient to you and approved by your Insurance Company.

These repairers can provide a full range of Smash Repair services including Panel Beating and Spray Painting.

Enter your Post Code and Insurer and see the range of Member Repairers that are ready and able to assist. We will provide you with contact information, address, maps and more. We will also give you the opportunity to rate this Repairer and see the ratings of others.

We can help you make an more informed decision when it comes to Smash Repairs and Panel Beating.

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The information contained within this site is provided by our Member Repairers. While we make all reasonable attempts to substantiate this information we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Repairers shown in "Find a Repairer" are those Repairers that have subscribed as Members of the Repairer NETworks web database. This is not claimed to be an exhaustive list of all Repairers in the Industry.

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