Peugeot Approved Panel Repairer Benefits



As part of the Peugeot Approved Panel Repairers program Repairers receive the following benefits:

    You become a member of the Peugeot Approved Panel Repairers Network
    Details will be listed on the Peugeot Automobiles Australia WEB site and in other customer facing documentation as deemed appropriate.
    You will be provided with promotional signage as deemed appropriate by Peugeot.
    You will be provided with a 2 Year Agreement.     
    Dedicated Peugeot Training as and when available.
    Access to Peugeot’s proprietary repair manual system ‘SERVICE BOX’
    Access to Peugeot Genuine parts at trade price, supplied via the Dealer network.
    First point of call for Peugeot Roadside Assistance providers for collision repairs.
    Other benefits which may be developed as part of the ongoing improvement of this Approved Panel Repairers program.

Applications now closed.

Please contact Peter Nolan at Repairer Networks for further information - 1800 622 623



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