Peugeot Approved Panel Repairer Program

Collision repairers Australia-wide are being offered the opportunity to submit their application to become part of the all new Peugeot Automobiles Australia Approved Panel Repairer Program.

Under the banner of AfterCare, Panel Repair forms an integral part of the Peugeot Fixed Operations business strategy. AfterCare is a program that was developed several years ago to ensure that every Peugeot vehicle owner has a positive ownership experience. The AfterCare program targets two key areas, cultural commitment and product support. This program provides a solid foundation for many vital aspects of the Peugeot business and the needs of our valued customers.

This new Approved Repairer Program will see a renewed focus from Peugeot Automobiles Australia with the delivery of consistently high levels of support for the Approved Repairer Network, which will assist with the high standard of Peugeot collision repairs performed through the Peugeot Approved Repairer Network.

Prior to appointment, each repairer will be subject to a rigorous selection process which includes an inspection of premises, facilities and equipment, as well as a review of the applicant’s customer satisfaction rating, business standards and practices and reputation in the industry. Only those businesses that meet or exceed Peugeot's set criteria will be appointed as a “Peugeot Approved Panel Repairer”.

“Peugeot Approved Panel Repairers” will receive many benefits which will continually mature over time including access to Peugeot repair information, Peugeot Genuine Parts supply from our Dealer network, preferential towing destinations, specialised training and more.

Due to the advancements in vehicle occupant and pedestrian safety and the specific requirements by manufacturers in maintaining integrity in these areas, the use of Peugeot Genuine Parts using the correct fitment methods are regarded as key criterion in restoring accident damaged Peugeot vehicles to their original build standard, and therefore forms an essential part of this program. Please note that the appointment as a “Peugeot Approved Panel Repairer” will be subject to a signed agreement with Peugeot Automobiles Australia. It should also be noted that Peugeot Automobiles Australia has chosen PPG as their business partner to develop and maintain the “Peugeot Approved Panel Repairer Program”.

Stage one (1) of the Peugeot Approved Panel Repairer process is to complete the online application via the website;

Applications now closed.

Please contact Peter Nolan at Repairer Networks for further information - 1800 U CRASH (1800 827 274)

The application portal will be open from 01/10/11 until close of business 30/11/11.

At the completion of Stage one (1), successful applicants will be notified in writing at which point and upon agreement, stage two of the approval process will commence. Stage two will be communicated to successful applicants shortly thereafter.

All applications will be treated as strictly confidential, and applicants are under no obligation to proceed to the next stage.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact either:

Mark Fowler
National Customer Services & Fixed Operations Manager
02 8737 7920
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Frank Tripodi
Parts Operations Manager
02 8737 7923
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kind regards

Mark Fowler
National Customer Services & Fixed Operations Manager
Peugeot Automobiles Australia

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