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It’s a fact of life that Company vehicle sometimes have accidents. However, that doesn’t mean it should become a headache for your staff and a time-consuming drain on company resources.

has developed a new business unit to provide Corporate Fleet Accident Management. This service is provided currently for significant National Corporate Corporate Clients.

– Accident Management Solutions has been specifically designed for Corporate Fleets which benefit from this service by having a system implemented which is tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.

involves a unique web-based Incident Reporting and Management system to provide a transparent and responsive process for handling Accident Claims

We recognize that being involved in an accident is stressful so 1800 Call Centre gives you the peace of mind of speaking person to person with one of our experienced consultants. Once an accident is reported, does the rest.

will handle all administrative aspects involved in Motor Vehicle incidents/accidents including;

-    Printing of relevant glove-box guides, or booklets advising processes involved
-    Vehicle authentication
-    1 800 Call Centre
-    First notification of loss
-    Claims Handling in conjunction with relevant Underwriter/Broker
-    Organising Replacement Vehicles
-    Appointing Repairers
-    Co-ordinating Assessment/Authority
-    Centralised Payment of related accounts
-    Handling of end-of-lease clean ups etc.
-    Handling of infringements (i.e. fines etc.)
-    Driver safety letters

All of these services can be tailored to your needs with a competitive pricing structure developed. aims to work closely with your current Broker or Insurance Underwriter to provide a seamless service delivery.

For more information contact;

Peter Nolan
General Manager

Free Call    1800 U CRASH (1800 827 274)

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