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With many hundreds of Smash Repairers listed, and these numbers growing everyday, is rapidly becoming the central information resource for the smash repair industry.

What Does This Mean For Industry Suppliers?

These days, it is critical to have not just any Customers – but the right Customers. You need customers that will be around for the long term.

appeals to the type of Smash Repair Business that you want as a customer. Professional businesses with a thirst for information and an eye to the future.

As Repairers in their many hundreds register their details via this database, this natural concentration of prime industry information is available for your reference and use. This provides a cost effective way of keeping in touch with one of your market segments and promoting your business to them.

What Are the Benefits of ?

  1. Provides a vehicle for improving your product/brand awareness within the industry. Receiving on average over 650 visits each Month provides you with excellent exposure.
  2. Simple way of ensuring that you have up to date and accurate information on your Key Customers as their businesses grow and develop.
  3. Facilitates communication with customers and potential customers re. product offers, training, service needs etc. This can be developed further into online ordering and sales.
  4. Provides direct links to your Company Web Site for further information distribution.
  5. Web based information is easily updated and in place for the whole year. This maximises the cost-effectiveness of your message without the need to re-advertise many times through the year - unlike catalogues and brochures etc.

How Do I Find Out More?

For further information and investment details, contact Peter Nolan on

1800 U CRASH (1800 827 274)

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