Facilities available to Repairer NETworks members include:

Business SurveyKeep abreast of happenings and trends in the industry.
Birth of a BodyshopFollow the development of a purpose-built Body Shop from the ground up.
Feedback ServicesAn independent review of your Customer Service results.
Great WEB SitesCheck some different Repairer WEB sites for ideas.
Industry Links Links to international industry information sites.
Problem Solver Post and Read Repairer's problems on Repairer Networks.
Shop of the Month We interview the latest shop of the month winner.
Suppliers' Corner News, specials, discounts and general information.
Technology Keep up to date with the latest Technology.
Training Information on relevant industry training.
Update Your Details Keep your registered information up-to-date for Work Providers yourself, as many times as you want.

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