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Dear Valued Repairer Networks Member,

As part of an ongoing strategy to develop work opportunities for our members Repairer Networks (RN) has teamed up with Vallar Claims (Vallar) to help attract Not at Fault clients into our network. Vallar is a Claims Management and Accident Vehicle Replacement Company specialising in Not at Fault Claims.

Repairer Networks and Vallar Claims are now providing a National Claims solution providing significant work opportunities to participating Repairers. We are also working in conjunction with PPG Industries to provide a Network of professional, reputable

and well trained and equipped Repairers for this Program. We have listed below some questions and answers to give you a greater understanding of the process involved.

Q.1: If I receive a job via Repairer Networks and Vallar, who will pay me?

Vallar will authorise and pay you for your work. Generally, payment will be received within 1-30 days of receipt of your invoice upon the completion of repairs

Q.2: Who organises the assessment?

Vallar will organise the assessment to be carried out by a suitable independent assessor. Generally assessments will be a desktop assessment. Quotes to be assessed should be e-mailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it There may be

some variations to this process depending on who the At Fault Insurance Party is but Vallar will inform you of these at the time.

Q.3: Is there a fee I have to pay?

Yes, Vallar charges a fee to cover the cost of managing the claim, the assessing cost and other administrative costs. You will know what the fee is up front but are not required to pay the fee until you are paid.

Vallar’s fee structure is as follows:

Job Allocation, Assessing and Claims Management

Up to $5,999

Flat fee of $600

$6,000 onwards

Flat fee of 10%

Or by individual repairer agreement.

  1. If recovery is unsuccessful, no fee will be charged

  2. Fee’s exclude GST, and adjustment cover

Q.4: How should the job be quoted?

The job should be quoted at a sensible commercial rate. Each operation should be itemised and have a corresponding dollar amount.

New genuine parts should be charged at manufacturer list price.

Generally only genuine parts should be fitted. If a circumstance arises where this is not possible or appropriate the fitment of a non-genuine part must be agreed to by the assessor

Q.5: What if the customer needs a replacement vehicle?

In most cases the customer will need a replacement vehicle. Vallar will organise a suitable replacement vehicle for the customer and have it delivered to your shop before the customer drops of their vehicle for repairs. Upon completion of repairs and pick up of their vehicle the customer will leave the replacement vehicle at your shop and Vallar will have it picked up.

All you need to do is let us know when the customer is dropping off and picking up their vehicle, we do the rest. If a customer has different requirements for the drop off and pick up of a replacement vehicle Vallar will accommodate them.

Q.6: Does this work need to be treated as a priority?

Yes. These customers are choosing to use our service rather than claim on their own insurance. If we do not provide prompt service these customers will simply claim on their own insurance and we all lose the work opportunity.

If a customer’s vehicle is towed to you or is driven in for a quote but should not be driven further due to roadworthiness or increased damage issues then inform Vallar and Vallar will organise a replacement vehicle immediately. Otherwise:

On receipt of a claim notification from us please organise to sight and quote the customer’s vehicle at the earliest opportunity convenient for the customer. At this time you should also agree a repair start date allowing suitable time for assessment and parts ordering/delivery lead times.

Q.7: Can I use Vallar to manage claims and/or provide a replacement vehicle for other Not at Fault customers that come to me directly?

Yes, just contact Vallar and they will help you with whatever you need.

Q.8: I want to be involved in this Program – what do I need to do next?

Make sure your Repairer Networks Membership is current and up-to-date. Repairer Networks will then provide your details to Vallar as a participating Repairer. Join Repairer Networks or ensure your Membership is current by visiting the website at www.repairernetworks.com.au

Q.9: If I have any additional questions, who can I speak to?

For any further details please contact;

Vallar Claims:

Gabriel Kushnir

1 300 878 777

0402 888 087


Repairer Networks:

Peter Nolan

1 800 827 274

0419 889 651


Repairer Networks and Vallar, in conjunction with PPG Industries are striving to provide more work opportunities at sensible commercial rates to our Member Repairers and Customers. In order to do this it is crucial that we work in good faith with the Insurance Companies. For this reason we need you to quote and schedule work accurately to make sure we do not unnecessarily inflate repair and replacement vehicle costs.


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