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CommInsure Network of Repairers

CommInsure is the Brand Name of the Commonwealth Bank’s general Insurance product which incorporates a Motor Vehicle component and is offered to the general public.

are assisting CommInsure in the preliminary stages of investigating the potential of a recommended network of Repairers.

This network would need to meet CommInsure’s criteria of quality repairs, excellent customer service standards and critically, cost-effective repairs and efficient repair processes.

CommInsure have asked to canvass our Membership for Repairers who would be interested in being considered for this potential program. Repairers would need to demonstrate among other things that they have:

  • appropriate shop presentation
  • appropriate equipment levels
  • met all relevant licensing requirements
  • a solid financial basis including appropriate levels of insurance etc.
  • a history of relationships with similar general retail insurance products with proven results in providing excellent cost-effective repairs
  • participated in some form of benchmarking or Customer Service Indexing program

Further details and specific application instructions will be provided at a later stage. This is more a general indication of the level of interest among , and your willingness to put your name forward for preliminary consideration.

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