Panel Beating
If you need Panel Beating work done to your car – don’t take the selection of a Panel Beater lightly.  

Panel Beating is becoming more and more complex as the level of technology and equipment in motor vehicles continues to increase. Air Bags, electronics, high strength steels etc. etc. These are complex technologies and require qualified and professional Panel Beaters to make sure the job is repaired to Manufacturer’s specifications.

Panel Beaters need to invest in the latest equipment and ensure that their staff are continually trained and kept up to the date in the latest repair techniques to guarantee your car is returned to its pre-accident condition.

can assist in your selection of a qualified Panel Beater who is convenient to you and approved by your Insurance Company.

Our repairer network spans the whole of Australia with accredited Panel Beaters in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Canberra and the Northern Territory.

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