How Much Does A Bumper Repair Cost?

bumper repairs

Plastic bumper repairs are a fact of life of driving vehicles today. Car, SUV, minivans, even boats anything with a plastic bumper are subject to occasionally experience some minor cosmetic or major repairs from time to time. In most cases, drivers aren’t aware of how fairly inexpensive bumper repairs are. Typically, if the damage isn’t too severe the bumper repair won’t be very expensive. Depending on the bumper repair your vehicle may need only one or even no repairs at all.

If the damage is severe enough and you need some help there are a couple of options open for you. You could choose to have a paint repair technician do the work for you, or you could save some money and do the work yourself. Most paint repair jobs are fairly simple to do yourself if you have the proper tools. The type of paint used for plastic bumper repairs is quite different than the type used on a car’s main body and it requires a little more work to make it look good.

Repair Options

You could opt to use your bumper repairs system or you could go with a full post-repair system scan and repair collision repair system. Both systems are designed for ease of use and they work well together. The bumper cover repair system works by mounting a removable post-repair panel to your car’s bumper. This panel serves as a permanent frame around your car which holds your car in place.

To begin this repair you will need to remove your bumper cover. To do this, remove the adhesive backing from the bumper cover using a nail file or butter knife. You will then want to take out the old bumper cover (the one that sticks up when you flip your vehicle over). Your new system will not fit into the old one. It will be too large and can cause an accident. Instead, remove the old bumper cover and discard it.

bumper repairs

Now that the old bumper cover is out, you will need to install the new one. Start by installing the two long screws that are located in the centre under the bumper damage. Once these screws are installed you will attach a piece of dry ice to each screw. Dry ice will prevent the new bumper damage from sticking to the existing ones. Do not forget to install the two longer screws that are located on the underside.

Once these have been installed, re-attach the front bumper lip to the bumper cover. This piece of bumpers is not needed but can help protect the area underneath the front bumper from damage. The next step is to install the front bumper filler kit. This kit will fill in the gaps that exist between the bumper frame.

After this is complete you will need to replace the front and rear bumper replacements. Make sure you check the vehicle for any additional damage before installing the new ones. Once these have been installed, you will replace the old rear bumper with the new one. Installing the new bumper will likely require you to do a few things such as installing new headlamps and side skirts. Once you are done with these steps, you should be able to determine how much the overall repair will cost you.

The last step is to fill in any holes left by the replacing bumper. You may use some paper towels filled with cement to fill in any small cracks. The goal is to make your vehicle appear brand new and to make it crash free so these small cracks will not be an issue. If the damage is severe, however, your technician may suggest the use of bumpers.

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